April 20 - May 20


Zodiac Sign: Taurus

Planet: Venus
Element: Earth
Key features: peaceful, tolerant, stable, patient, careful, practical, material-based
Best match: Virgo, Capricorn


If you say to Taurus that he or she is stubborn, they will certainly disagree and politely explain to you how patient and cautious only they are. But do not be fooled! If Taurus makes up his / her mind, hardly you will change such decision. Imagine a real bull. How do you think you could persuade such animal to voluntarily cross the meadow, if it will stand at some convenient ... (more)


Taurus man is betting on a certainty and is generally satisfied with himself. He never forgets birthdays or the wedding anniversary. He likes to buy and collect things and he is able to take care of the family. Taurus man is confident and relaxed, but only there where he feels like at home. Taurus man is usually not an enthusiastic traveller or a wild driver. He is tied to traditions ... (more)


The Taurus woman is usually culturally oriented. She is interested in arts and music. She is often talented and overall aesthetically perceptive. The Taurus woman has an excellent relation to sensory experience: from good food, massage, music, romance to the smell of a spring meadow. That is all what you can enjoy with a Taurus wife or friend. Conversely, gossip or slander are ... (more)

Personality Description

Taurus thoughts are extremely focused on quality. Everything he or she does will give the impression of lasting value. The worst punishment for Taurus is undoubtedly to destroy what he or she has built for months or years. Their entire self-respect basis on that, but in longer time they are able to recover even from a very painful loss. Taurus is very vivid inside. The roots are very important for them ... (more)

Compatibility in Love and Friendship

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