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Taurus and Aries make an unusual combination in love with their different elements. The earth and the fire – the fire can easily make a wasteland from the life-giving earth, the genuine desert, but on the other hand, the fire can help transform the soil into very useful and durable ceramics or pottery, the powerful tool. And the same principle can be applied on love between Aries and Taurus. But do not forget, even the long lasting ceramics (remember the excavations from our ancestors) is fragile (a lot of vessels are broken into pieces prior to the digging).

These two zodiac signs can win the affection for each other when focusing on practical abilities. The Aries man is courageous, enterprising and confident, capable of organizing everything from a small weekend trip into the mountains to a large running race for the entire university or for the local branch of Médecins Sans Frontières. This can of course impress the Taurus woman immensely and arouse her love. The Taurus woman represents the peaceful, patient and tolerant counterpart which is able to ease the restless temper of Aries, very characteristic for this zodiac sign (the man and the woman are commutable in all instances, the characteristic features of both sexes are identical for the same zodiac sign).


The temperament of Aries is often crucial in matters of sex. The rate of provocative and seductive inclinations of Aries determine the intensity and frequency of the sexual passion for both of these zodiac signs. When an Aries gets excited, he or she is able to risk an arrest and seduce Taurus directly in the middle of the Central Park. No matter, whether they will be watched by ducks on the pond, by a terrified grandmother with a dog, or by a couple of policemen with raised eyebrows. It is “now or never”. Love and sex can often serve as an umbilical cord between Taurus and Aries, transferring their energy and equalize levels of the tension. It can even expand spiritual horizons of this man and woman.

Taurus Aries Zodiac Signs - Compatibility in Love and Friendship


Despite the fact, that Taurus and Aries are not ideally compatible, the marriage of man and woman born under those zodiac signs can sometimes work very well. The Aries woman is a prism that decomposes white light on all its colours and brings fire and variety to the man’s life. The Taurus man is a compass, the very useful “device”, which can help to find the proper direction and stability to the hot-headed woman. Who is looking for the sweet buns should not excessively focus on the marriage between Taurus and Aries, because the man and woman usually have quite different approach how to handle problems. But if you are not afraid of occasional kicks and thrill, you should be satisfied with such marriage.


Dating for men and women born under Taurus and Aries is often like the famous game called „Monkey Nuts“ (in fact it is rather a magic trick). It is about „Where is the banana?“ But you can never find it. The banana has vanishes and, at the end, you see only the banana skin. The problem of dating for Aries and Taurus is simply that they fail to estimate the interests and needs of the other (you are unable to trace the card with the banana). Thus, both should be very innovative while dating and not relay on some calculated scenarios similar to “Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus”. Taurus can easily ring a romantic chord like the blooming flower, while Aries is easier to get excited like the bucking popcorn. These two zodiac signs are compatible to the extent that they can surprise each other and enrich the mutual love.

Break up

Taurus and Aries are compatible only partially. The breakup is a sad outcome of the mutual misunderstanding of different needs. It can happen usually when problems are not discussed with reason but only with emotions. Than, it seems, that nobody is able to cut the Gordian knot and that the breakup is inevitable. But miracles can sometimes happen even between man and woman who disagree with each other.


The Friendship is very suitable for people born under Aries and Taurus. They are able to talk for hours on Skype or by phone. Their different views complement each other. Aries is usually quick and brief in the expressing of thoughts, while Taurus likes to slowly swing from one issue to another, like transferring the weight on legs by the slow waltz dance. Playing curling aboard the icebreaker, discussing the boundaries of physics under the starry sky or gathering the timber in forest to prepare the camp fire – everywhere they will find the right direction. They can be friends forever. Shared experiences as well as finished team tasks make their compatibility even stronger.

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