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Compatibility in Love and Friendship

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Taurus and Cancer can enjoy nice prospects in love thanks to the good compatibility of both signs. Their elements, the earth and the water, are able to give life to plants as well as to the new arising relationship.

Cancer is sensitive and high moral values are characteristic for this zodiac sign. Taurus is usually more robust in holding opinions what goes down well with the Cancer’s expectation of the secure and peaceful home. You do not have to wear the bulletproof vest to protect your neck. To have the dauntless Taurus nearby is absolutely sufficient to feel safe and free.

You see that men and women born under those zodiac signs are compatible enough to fall in love and to walk together through the life. The chance for love of Taurus and Cancer is similar to a quince. The quince is often more nice than tasty when compared with the pear. And also the love of Cancer and Taurus is usually more “aesthetical” and practical than touching or deeply emotional.


These both zodiac signs are sexually compatible but only to certain extent, that is however absolutely sufficient. If you are interested how will the Taurus man manifest the sexual desire in bed, you do not have to measure his shoes. It is better to ask him, what he dreamed of the last few nights. The Cancer woman is pragmatical, but even if she will talk the whole day about the household finance situation, be sure that she will forget this in a minute when the pleasant moment comes. The Taurus woman can turn into a winged goddess of sex when she finds you attractive and when she is sure about your stable and acceptable income (the Taurus woman is not able to enjoy the present moment if tomorrow is too uncertain). Finally, the Cancer man is a quiet and inconspicuous devil, who does not know the word “retirement” in matters of sex. He looks polite and neat, but there is a wild animal inside him.

Taurus Cancer Zodiac Signs - Compatibility in Love and Friendship


The marriage of Cancer and Taurus is less frequent but quite stable. The Taurus is the one, who has to chop the wood and carry the water, and the Cancer is the one, who has to find and banish venomous snakes. The marriage of Cancer and Taurus is a stable and long-lasting relationship. But to be less poetic, you can imagine the roles in the marriage as following – the Taurus is less willing to accept big changes and experiments but more keen on everyday small tasks and delights. The Cancer is prone to hectically buzz around, when things go wrong, but it is a very reliable husband or wife in steady circumstances. Indeed, both men and women can help each other immensely in the marriage and that is also the reason for their obvious compatibility.


The dating of Cancer and Taurus is natural as the ability of swimming for newborn baby. They do not need to have a referee when sitting at the table. Both are empathetic and feel very soon if there is a necessary sparkle of love in the air. Neither the Taurus nor the Cancer will scream on the first date, when you try to shock them a bit. Make a test and say, that you eat frogs and snails on your regular trips to Paris, or roasted crickets and baked worms when you are in Amazon rainforest. You will probably see a long gaze, maybe a gentle disgust, but no yelling. Do not worry and be a little impish on your first date. It is worth to know, how far you can go and still see the lovely and friendly smile.

Break up

The compatibility of Taurus and Cancer sometimes reminds a well-oiled machine. It is perfectly working, but lacking the necessary magic. And nobody wants to be in a functional but stone cold marriage or relation. There must be genuine love between the man and woman, otherwise the breakup is inevitable. Cancer and Taurus will sense it weeks ahead before it comes. You must not take the reflective vest to draw attention to the coming danger. But you should talk about all the issues in advance and not wait until the final day of the breakup. It is simply better to do everything you can to avoid the last and loud “goodbye”.


Cancer and Taurus can be genuine friends for many decades. The same dust on their shoes makes their compatibility even stronger. They are able to applaud and compliment to each other, but to be open and critical at the same time. If the Cancer wants to take out an insurance, Taurus will be the best advisor. And if Taurus wants to buy a new vehicle, Cancer will tell him / her how many wheels it should have and which colour will be the best one. The friendship is built on tolerance and noble ideals. The Cancer do not think that the Taurus is only a bull munching the clover. And similarly the Taurus will not advise the Cancer which comb is better to grasp in the claws (Cancer people like long hair maybe because of the terrible disease of the same name which often requires the opposite, namely the bald head).

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