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Compatibility in Love and Friendship

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Taurus and Capricorn are equipped with the same element, namely the earth. This bound helps the love to be stronger and more resilient. Both, men and women, are pragmatic. Capricorn as well as Taurus are very keen for recognition, despite they look modest at first sight. Their love is therefore full of understanding and of mutual expressions of respect. The Capricorn man can immensely appreciate the unique taste and the aesthetic sense of the Taurus woman.

On the contrary, the woman is able to share the man's well-deserved pride. Whether the Capricorn man is a guitar virtuoso, a radio broadcaster or a skilled barber, the women's recognition is vital, essential and satisfying for him. To help the love flourish the woman needs also gain the genuine feeling of being highly valued by the man. I you love her, never forget to flatter her – your words will have the same effect like the water on a rose that is not blooming yet. Taurus and Capricorn is a perfect match, both signs are very compatible!


Taurus and Capricorn can have amazing experiences in bed (and, of course, not only on this particular place which is commonly attributed to the physical love, both zodiac signs are very curious and have the unforeseen imagination). To climb on the Annapurna is surely more challenging than to fly there with a helicopter. And the same applies to sex. The Taurus man will have a blissful feeling when he will accompany you to the top, even at a snail's pace. He is usually equally unselfish as the Capricorn woman and his goal is the harmonic experience for both. Similar experience and attitude guarantees their high compatibility in sex. For Taurus and Capricorn sex is primarily not a tool for gaining the fast and easy pleasure, but a very special way of expressing a common view of the world – a unique speech of understanding and sympathy through the body.

Taurus Capricorn Zodiac Signs - Compatibility in Love and Friendship


The marriage is a special boost of the relation between the Capricorn and the Taurus. But it is not the “mission accomplished”, the inconspicuous end (“what we will do next …?”), but an accelerator of all the possible virtues which these two zodiac signs can use to reinforce their love. You would probably admit, that it is better to use both hands and not only one, and similarly, it is better to strengthen the bond in the marriage and make a solid union. Men and women born under Capricorn and Taurus do not wait for the clapping of hands of others. They are focused on their humble everyday private life, on the honest hard work and on small but constant portions of happiness. The marriage is a good and suitable step for them! This is an excellent match, both zodiac signs are compatible.


Taurus and Capricorn are very inventive in dating. They would not even hesitate to whine and pretend an injury only to get the necessary attention. The first date is always a test of the counterpart's anticipation (“is he or she empathic and tolerant enough?”). Taurus and Capricorn can also exaggerate a bit, because they both know, that it is good not to postpone the “endurance test”. True relationship or marriage is a long rung and it is good to know the limits already at the very beginning. Even if they are polite and abounding with best manners, they can exceed the proper line a bit while dating and tell you a dirty joke or to swear a little, just to know how relaxed and informal you really are.

Break up

Despite the fact, that both zodiac signs are perfectly compatible in love, bad things happens and the love between Taurus and Capricorn sometimes comes to an end. The breakup can make you feel like a bare foot – it is nice in hot weather but without the shoe are you vulnerable and hypersensitive, not mentioning the difficulties of bad weather or winter snow. You like to “run and jump” in your love and that is why you can miss the support, the complementary human character. Capricorn as well as Taurus is a social being, like ants or bees are. The breakup is usually quiet and painful and reminds the sown field which is lacking the sun and water. The feeling of a missed opportunity of love remains like a bitter taste after the breakup.


Capricorn and Taurus, the mountain chamois (the goat) and the bull, they both have horns and hooves, they understand each other well, they are highly compatible. It is an ideal couple for friendship! But only if we leave out the „man – woman“ relation, because there is the human nature, the law of „sexual gravity“ and the instinctive ability of producing hormones. Man and woman simply tend to go beyond the borderline of friendship like two opposite poles of the magnet tend to get closer and closer.

But if we talk about the ideal friends, that is another story. Capricorn and Taurus have noble ideas that are worth pursing. They can organize a collection to cast the bell for a local church or invent the „rain and sun“ machine which will produce the marvellous rainbow over the city twice a week. It is a mild exaggeration, but truly, these friends are bound by pragmatism, by high ambitions and by some invisible and rare spirituality.

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