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Compatibility in Love and Friendship

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Taurus and Gemini, the mixture of the earth and the air. Both elements are amazing but in combination they usually do not form a coherent mixture. Taurus and Gemini, this is not the exemplary case of an optimal compatibility in love. The air is sometimes too volatile and the earth too heavy and „low“. The Gemini man can see a rare bird through the kitchen window, get up and leave the house in complete silence. And the Taurus woman, which is cleaning the living room in the meantime, than only keeps wondering where her darling flew. To fall in love and manage the practical life – this is not easy for such couple, as you can imagine, but you will find some exceptions.

Imagine the Taurus man who is looking for a toad to kiss, but instead of it out of the blue, he meets a talkative girl, the Gemini woman, and she starts to tell a fairytale about the sad prince, just to tease and amuse him. Such man can realize, that this is exactly what he awaits from his love. The fairytale prince would kneel down on the spot and ask her to marry him, but Taurus is conservative after all. The discreet proposal of accompaniment is actually a hint of the emerging love.


Taurus and Gemini can do well in bed. The woman is able to shiver like a jelly when remembering the supreme moments of the last “naked” encounter. Why? The man is often unselfish in matters of sex and this guarantees the high compatibility and understanding for both. In sex, the Gemini is an open book but the Taurus resembles a CIA classified folder.

The problem for Gemini might sometimes be an early take-off (too much excitement) or a rapid change of the wind (Gemini will not last in one place for long). This communicative but also dreamy person can loose the Taurus out of sight, when lying on clouds. On the contrary, The Taurus likes to have feet on the ground.

Both resemble the opposites poles of the spectrum. But despite this fact, both zodiac signs are sufficiently compatible in sex.

Taurus Gemini Zodiac Signs - Compatibility in Love and Friendship


The marriage of the Taurus and the Gemini can bring few problems. They seem to be an ideal couple which enjoys the amusement, at least at the beginning. Their mutual love is like the cement which firmly connects both together and absorbs all the bumps. The man and the woman are able to solve the disputes peacefully, but through the time some doors are not as easy to open as they were before. Love is the best oil to all friction surfaces in the relationship. But love is also nothing natural (immanent), it is not a matter of course. Love must be cultivated by empathy and nurtured by willingness throughout the whole marriage.

The compatibility of both these zodiac signs can hardly be described as optimal. The marriage of the Gemini and the Taurus is a big challenge in the area of making compromise. To remain receptive in the everyday life is crucial but often exhausting for both.


Dating is in fact about the proper introduction. In other words, dating is a special kind of a self marketing. The bold and poetic Gemini has to take the wind out of the sails a bit, while the modest and conservative Taurus has to put the foot on the throttle.

Both these zodiac signs should not be in a hurry while dating. Dating is usually a periodical activity and you do not have to focus on a success in the shortest possible time.

Besides, the compatibility of Taurus and Gemini is only partial. You should take enough time to slowly go through all pages of your personality menu and decide with consideration if you find the other one attractive but also practical for the difficult conditions of the everyday life.

Break up

The love of Gemini and Taurus often ends with a breakup. The accumulated misunderstanding, different interests and above all the individual nature of both zodiac signs can widen the cracks in the compatibility. Screws need to be tightened regularly in the marriage or in any other long-term relationship of men and women. But if you miss the right moment, the breakup is inevitable – the cover of the Pandora's box falls and evils of the world are released. The battle starts just before Gemini and Taurus can pull themselves together from an unexpected shock. Often no other option remains at the end than to take a bag and go to seek the fortune elsewhere.


The friendship between Taurus and Gemini is not boring at all. Both friends have to activate the maximum number of brain cells, because the divergence of their nature is stimulating. Is it better to drink one more coffee or to enjoy a ten minutes conversation with the other hardly understandable person? Best, of course, is to do both! Gemini is a cunning monkey, that deftly jumps during the debate from one thematic tree to another. Taurus, instead, is a heavy steamroller which is focused on one topic and in discussion makes the way forward with arguments and rock-solid belief.

Sometimes the friendship looks like the Gemini being in tow of the Taurus, sometimes the Taurus is just a toy of the Gemini’s whims. But if any friends are able to compare apples with oranges and have no remorse from such foolishness, these two zodiac signs are the ideal couple for exactly that peculiar kind of practice. They are sufficiently compatible in friendship. The shared craziness can unite or divide them.

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