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Taurus and Scorpio create an interesting and explosive mixture in love. Two basic compounds (elements) are the earth and the water. And they are not able melting together easily. The love of these zodiac signs will be very probably fiery and unstable. Unfortunately, their love represents the opposite of an ideal compatibility. The free spirit of the Scorpio man can impress but also upset the Taurus woman. The line between enthusiasm and irritation is very thin and hard to see in everyday life.

Well, if Scorpio goes shopping and makes few unplanned changes in the schedule, the Taurus often needs to breathe slowly to delay or at least lower the approaching outburst. Or another time, when Scorpio does not appear on time at the agreed place, Taurus will immediately start imagine all the most terrible scenarios (fall from a rock, train accident, assault …) while the Scorpio is “only” talking to an old friend, a classmate, whom he or she met by chance on the way. Scorpio and Taurus are able to love each other, but should keep in mind, that their union is based on the problematic compatibility match. It will be a very intensive and risky love, like a holiday on a ship in the stormy Bay of Biscay.


What considers sex, Taurus and Scorpio are compatible only sometimes. Taurus represents a fertile soil and Scorpio the life-giving water. Thus, the sexuality of both these zodiac signs reminds a fertile combination of two elements. But occasionally the Scorpio woman can unwillingly shift her interests in a different direction. For instance to work overtime, surrounded by piles of papers, is not the proper invitation to bed, warmed up in the meantime by the lovesick Taurus man. On the other hand, the sex between Taurus and Scorpio can be really satisfying and frequent, if both are more enthusiastic about the body pleasure than let's say about the career prospects, well baked pancakes or helping in charity from dawn to dusk. There is of course nothing bad about those things, but enjoying sex requires enough time to tune in and to peacefully rest after such exhausting activity. It is not an exception to encounter Scorpio and Taurus which are sexually so passionate during the night, that each genuine bat could envy them.

Taurus Scorpio Zodiac Signs - Compatibility in Love and Friendship


The marriage of Scorpio and Taurus is like grinding the grain into flour. You try to prepare something fine from the raw material (grind their characters), and than to bake a tasty bread or cakes from it (the happy marriage). Sometimes this can work well and sometimes you have to accept the complete failure. Because no man or woman is a professional in matters of marriage. There are simply no universities for obtaining the “marriageready” degree before the wedding. And above all, the compatibility of men and women born under Scorpio and Taurus is everything but optimal. The “promise to love you” can mean a lot, but the everyday life can often build a fence even between people who are close to each other.


Taurus do not lack the romantic charge while dating, but is much better organized and “readable” than Scorpio. Scorpio is like a mysterious princess hidden behind the veil, impenetrable and unpredictable. For men and women born under those zodiac signs is not difficult to fall in love (opposites attract) during the dating, but it is really hard to find the common ground in everyday life.

Break up

The compatibility of Scorpio and Taurus reminds a quicksand. Everything what is built on it will be unstable and, what is worse, you can sink or completely get stuck in it. The breakup is often inevitable and only a matter of time. Sometimes is better to solve the breakup with the help of the mail, because face to face meetings are very painful and full of explosive emotions. Looking at the picture of an erupting volcano is also more amusing than to stand there nearby. But yes, the breakup is the crucial matter of the man and woman relation and not another episode of National geographic. The personal involvement can often be hardly bypassed.


The more unsustainable is the love of Taurus and Scorpio in the long term, the more positive are their prospects in friendship. When they are able to eliminate the sex appeal and maintain only the partial affection, the strong friendly bond can be formed. These men and women together can foresee the future because their world-views are totally different. They can also easily forget the passage of time during their endless debates. The compatibility of Taurus and Scorpio in friendship is sufficient.

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