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Compatibility in Love and Friendship

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Taurus and Virgo share the common element – the earth. This joint base makes the mutual love extremely strong. Both, the man and the woman, are practical and focused on material wealth. The Taurus can discover new horizons (where to go on holiday, where to build new house etc.), meanwhile the Virgo will slowly multiply the asset.

They both perceive love without prejudice. The Taurus woman can be a prime minister and the Virgo man just an ordinary clerk (or vice versa), but if there is enough sparking, the door for love will always be widely open. Simply sad, Taurus and Virgo are very compatible in love!


The sexuality between Virgo and Taurus is usually truly intense. Virgo is able to engage the tender feminine principle while Taurus can use the bulls power. The sexual activity can easily and without any exaggeration remind a corrida fight or the bull riding. Two different principles (one animal, one feminine) united in one joint element – this can make a real fireworks of passion in bed. The Taurus man can be the train and the Virgo woman the railway to the pleasure heaven. There are of course rare exception when love, sex and everything that happens in bed is not in the proper harmony between this two zodiac signs, but usually it is only the question of misunderstanding or inexperience.

Taurus Virgo Zodiac Signs - Compatibility in Love and Friendship


The marriage of Virgo and Taurus can sometimes look like an old friendship. Both are very practical, reliable and peaceful. To see a real fight between the man and woman is about the same probability as to see a bear giving the honey back to bees. Virgo and Taurus are usually decent people, who are material-based, conservative and who are focused on slow but constant progress. Their marriage has very good expectations thanks to the excellent compatibility of both signs. When they remain together for many years, you will find them surrounded by valuables and souvenirs. They will be gently teasing each other and smile at you.


Dating is a bit challenging for Taurus and Virgo. These both zodiac signs are rather reserved than bold. Virgo is typically not an armoured knight who would consider dating to be a dauntless ride. Virgo men and women are in fact proud and sensible virgins, dressed in white silk and waiting for the noble counterpart to come and to discover their immense abilities and knowledge. Taurus, instead, is a calm fisherman. Of course, you can meet him or her at the disco, but they will be probably waiting for the slow dance on the bar, if Jailhouse Rock (fast song from Elvis Presley) is currently moving everybody on the dance floor. Dating for Virgo and Taurus is often an inevitable need, not an enjoyable kind of the special activity related to the love. It is not, as a matter of fact, a genuine hobby similar to sport for them. However, both zodiac signs are perfectly compatible in dating.

Break up

Taurus and Virgo seem to be compatible and predestined to each other, but occasionally they also breakup. Nobody is perfect. Sometimes Virgo wants to steer the ship of destiny in other direction than Taurus, sometimes Taurus feels the longing for the lost freedom. Anyway, the breakup is usually quiet and peaceful, because both of those zodiac signs are rational and do not like melodramatic scenes in the public.


Friendship is essential for Virgo and Taurus. They usually do not have many friends, but those few which they have are really exceptional, accompanied by the lifelong bond. Taurus and Virgo prefer quality, not quantity, and this similar view makes their compatibility even stronger. Therefore, if you are on the short list of their soul mates, be very proud. It is a prominent tribute to your rare character! Maybe better than to be the member of the Rotary Club or Freemasons. The friendship is like the life-giving river, that supplies the energy and meaning to the pure existence of Virgo and Taurus. They both more than others know, it can not be bought. Friendship is something one has to earn.

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