Taurus Characteristics

April 20 - May 20



Tolerant and persistent

If you say to Taurus that he or she is stubborn, they will certainly disagree and politely explain to you how patient and cautious only they are. But do not be fooled! If Taurus makes up his / her mind, hardly you will change such decision. Imagine a real bull. How do you think you could persuade such animal to voluntarily cross the meadow, if it will stand at some convenient and grassy spot? Hardly! And with the people born under the sign of Taurus is it exactly the same. Their characteristic nature is "persistent" or "headstrong".

They are very tolerant. You can romp around and nudge them, but Taurus will consider you as a common insect and sweep the tail at most (or rather shrug off your chatter and foolishness). But beware of pushing them violently somewhere against their will or attacking their honor. That is the biggest mistake that you can do.


When you want to advance your own opinion in front of a friend or partner born under the sign of Taurus, please do not do it rudely, especially in public. Whether it's a woman or a man, they will not withstand to be interrupted, corrected or even sharply criticized for long. Once is the Taurus chased into a corner, this kind being changes into a hot engine, which will in the best case immediately disappear from the room and in the worse but much probable scenario Taurus will explain you sharply how rude you are (maybe you even get a slap).

Earth element

Each Taurus is eager to have a pasture (this means a house with a generous garden) because the element of this zodiac sign is the earth. By the way a fertile soil is therefore something inherently close to Taurus. If he or she does not have such dreamed house yet, they are certainly longing to have one in the future (the desire to possess is one of the characteristics features). And in the case, they have to be content only with some modest housing, you can bet that they have at least big pots with flowers and that they are heading to the countryside to breathe fresh air whenever it is possible.


Taurus is not very sociable sign. They do not lack friends, on the contrary. But usually they do not have a large number of them. Why? Because real friends must be reliable and decent people who respect good manners. And such are often easy to count on the fingers of one hand. Try a few times not to reply to an e-mail or to cancel an appointment in the last minute and Taurus will immediately suspend you from the category of genuine friends.

And by the way, when we talk about friends, the typical Taurus certainly do not desire to have a Facebook profile with three or four-digit number in this box. It is a conservative zodiac sign with a saving attitude. Passivity often suits him or her in many ways. Taurus prefers to invite people rather than to visit them. This, however, only if the household is perfectly cleaned. The order and tidiness means a lot to him / her. Thus, you can count the sense of order among the important characteristics.

Slow but sure

Another important thing: Taurus is usually not the nervous and restless type. "Hurry slowly" is the characteristic life motto of this zodiac sign. He or she does not like rapid changes. They tend to build the lifelong kingdom slowly but surely. Unlike other signs, Taurus do not understand well why they should manipulate others. After all, everyone knows who is the owner of the meadow where they stand. So, who is really interested will surely find the proper way to meet them.

Suitable car

What kind of car is suitable for Taurus? Probably it is not the striking red Ferrari (indeed every bullfighter would tell you that this color is not convenient for the Bull at all). Maybe it will be more subtle, but strong and reliable car with blue color that gives a feeling of calmness and security to its owner. The blue color perfectly fits to his or her decisive, but often quite silent attitude.

Practical and conservative

Once Taurus decide on something, it is hard to change the resulting opinion. They want to be left alone, because they appreciate the calm decision-making. Moreover, they are quite suspicious of anything new. From unusual medical advice or the pension insurance innovations, to the constant development in social networks. All this can make Taurus nervous.

They have a sense of the practical and material matters, and they take life very responsibly. A woman, who disapproves partner's friends, will probably completely ignore them. And a tired man, who has no desire to run or walk in the evening, will be an insoluble problem for the sports woman.

With this we end our detailed list of Taurus characteristics and we hope that you will enjoy this peaceful and faithful zodiac sign.

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