Taurus Man

April 20 - May 20


Taurus Man

Taurus man is betting on a certainty and is generally satisfied with himself. He never forgets birthdays or the wedding anniversary. He likes to buy and collect things and he is able to take care of the family. Taurus man is confident and relaxed, but only there where he feels like at home. Taurus man is usually not an enthusiastic traveller or a wild driver. He is tied to traditions and is aware of his qualities.

Personality Traits

Even though Aries is a prudent and cautious man, he is definitely a romantic! It is no coincidence that his planet is Venus (the planet of love and money). He will not jump from the cliff like an eagle heading to a prey, when wanting to put his arms round you. But if he concludes that you are the best one, he will be able to patiently send roses one after another every day throughout the whole year, until he will convince you about the depth of his feelings. Patience and care are simply noticeable among his personality traits.

The Taurus speedometer is set only to one speed by the men. Attempts to draw Taurus into the vortex of social events or to rouse him for some crazy action are likely to be unsuccessful. If Taurus wants a boisterous fun, you can be sure he will express it clearly. If you want to surprise him and you decide to organize an unannounced party, please certainly not invite any questionable individuals. He will appreciate only friends who have a serious objective and reasonable ambitions.

If you will choose Taurus as a mate or husband, most likely you will have no reasons to complain. Unlike many other dreamers, he will not build castles in the air, but arrange a real house with real money. Realism, practicality and prudence are very important traits of his personality. Often he will be calm and tolerant. But Taurus man will also honestly save each penny on your common future, what as a basis for a new and solid relationship is a very good starting point.

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