Taurus Personality Description

April 20 - May 20



The earth is a fertile soil beneath our feet. We can touch it. It is a symbol of the material world, that we can grasp and understand with our senses – it is the core of the Taurus personality description. From all the zodiac signs only Taurus has the most direct relation to the essence of the earth. It deals with real, visible world. Taurus people are not worried by philosophical questions in greater extent. What they are interested in, must actually exist and provide prospects for tangible results.

How to earn money and pride is usually not needed to explain and teach them. Taurus has an innate talent for resolving material issues and developing strategies to meet the needs. Taurus sees the value in everything that gives him or her the feeling of security. You can describe his / her personality as firm, conservative and practical. People born under this zodiac sign like everything what has “the proper value”, they love to keep such things and relationships (“only clever people can give you something,and you can hardly learn from the stupid”). Taurus often keep things that they do not need any more – because you never know when they can be worth again.

Money and stability

Taurus wants to know exactly what is what. Money in the mattress at home are often less risky than on a bank account (“At least they are close at hand and tangible” would Taurus probably say). The prudent and discreet personality of Taurus is a guarantee that they do what they promise. And they carefully think out everything in advance before they make a promise. The gift of perseverance also has its downside. Taurus is the most stable of all twelve signs; often afraid of change, of the unknown and uncertain.

This sign tends to hold on the established status quo. Or sometimes to indefinitely continue the outmoded customs or traditions, and is unable to leave them. Yet, what emerges, is the impression that Taurus is tedious and without fantasy. And yes, this adherence to tradition undermines to certain extent the creative power of Taurus, instead of supporting it and proving that Taurus is very confident. People born under this sign adapt only slowly and it takes a while before they decide to embark on something new. If they are, however, once in motion, then they can hardly be stopped.

Love and relationships

What concerns the relationship, people born under the sign of Taurus need the partner's physical presence. But sometimes they do not realize that the other can be indeed physically present, but his or her spirit, however, can be very far at the same time. But because their thinking is focused on assurance, they love the counterpart and are loyal to him or her throughout the life.

Taurus can enjoy life especially in the circle of people among whom they feel equal. Usually solid and reliable group, ideally with adequate property and financial background. Predictable, honest, trustworthy – all that you can count to Taurus personality description considering love and relationships.

Peaceful and rooted

Taurus thoughts are extremely focused on quality. Everything he or she does will give the impression of lasting value. The worst punishment for Taurus is undoubtedly to destroy what he or she has built for months or years. Their entire self-respect basis on that, but in longer time they are able to recover even from a very painful loss. Taurus is very vivid inside. The roots are very important for them – in the case of a very significant change they feel as a plant torn from the ground (a new job often seems only little attractive as a compensation for a profound change etc.)

Situations when they are losing something, give an opportunity to get to know the choleric side of their usually peaceful personality. Important aspect in this case is the quick response.

Who can appreciate his or her deliberate, thorough and solid character, has also a reliable friend and partner. Have you ever heard that Taurus went shopping and never came back home? This can happen only rarely, and most likely not at all. Because it does not fit at all to its personality description.

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